Currently the basic colors are white, black, orange and blue.
To showcase our VRoggles customization options, we offer you to send us your own custom design – we will then create your own customized VRoggles based on your individual design.

*Taxes included, additional shipping fees & packaging costs will be applied.


How does it work?

Even on small budgets, the VRoggles VR viewer by `World of VR` creates impressive Virtual Reality experiences.
Use cases are manifold, from watching movies, playing games to immersive photos that can be experienced in a whole new dimension with VRoggles.

360º simulations, 3D videos, images, and full-on Virtual Reality applications – VRoggles offer an entry for every smartphone user to a growing and exciting world of Virtual Reality. After the start of one of the specific VR apps at hand and the insertion of the phone into the viewer, the VR experience can also be controlled by a magnetic input button for compatible apps. The sound, an important factor to the experience, is experienced the best with the usual smartphone headphones of choice.

Especially for businesses, VRoggles are a great tool to brand and visualize products and competences or to serve as a highly innovative supporting measure for integrated marketing campaigns.  The ability to fully customize logos, colors and the overall design according to CI brandings at hand. On top of everything, we support businesses with our customized apps.

Quote of founder

Virtual Reality is our passion. Our objective is to bring this exciting new technology to as many people as possible with compelling use cases and out-of-the-box applications. This is why I founded World of VR.

Virtual Reality for everyone –