VRoggles in the Industry

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Virtual Reality Presentations

3D representations can be visualized in AutoCAD (for example) and then be transfered to smartphones. This is how these representations can then be made to be experienced and emotionalized via storytelling measures.

Smaller as well as medium-sized businesses can have a hard time displaying their products and services globally due to budgetary reasons. This budget gap can now be bridged, as merchandise and products do not nescessariliy have to be shipped costly or descision makers having to travel.

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Augmented Reality Maintenance

VRoggles can provide a low-cost alternative to create experimental pilot structures that allow additional information to be added to 3D-rendered machine systems that can be found in power stations, wind turbines or inboard motors for example. This information may include torque, surface structure, cable organization et cetera, that can then be displayed to fathom potential possibilities, that this technology encompasses.

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Augmented Reality Operations

The integration of AR into operating of machinery, i. e. manufacturing and production, where employees receive short-cut intuitional status information about the manufacturing process, individual work steps, the material in deman or specific tools.

This saves ressources, especially time related ones in context of employee training.

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